Trade and Industrial Policy in Africa:

Inclusive Industrialization: An analysis of the interplay between FDI and SME promotion policies in Sub-Saharan Africa in Law and Development Review 

Trade, Development, and Industrial Policy in Africa: The case for a pragmatic approach to optimizing policy coherence between industrial policy and the WTO policy space in Law and Development Review 

Presentation on New Industrial Policy at the TSDS conference during the Buenos Aires Ministerial Conference

Sustainable Development: 

Where Trade and Industrial Policy Converge: How developing countries can utilize trade preferences to generate sustainable, local growth in the garment industry in The International Lawyer

Carbon Leakage and the Migration of Private CO2 emitters to other jurisdictions in Oxford Handbook for International Climate Change Law 

Presentation on the Guatemala – US labour enforcement dispute under CAFTA-DR

Trade and Agriculture:

The Agreement on Agriculture in Trade and Investment in a Globalized World

Towards Inclusive Trade: how to unlock the trade potential of emerging agricultural enterprises in Sub-Saharan Africa 

TPP Sanitary Measures Open Up Agricultural Exports in Law360

Presentation on “Surmonter les barrières sanitaires et phytosanitaires pour faciliter les processus d’exportations de produits agricoles”.


Entrepreneurial Lawyering for Digital Trade in International Trade Forum 

Presentation on Small-and Medium-Sized Enterprises in E-commerce at the 2016 UNCTAD E-commerce week 

Interview (part 1, part 2) with me by Rupa Ganguli, CEO and Founder of Inclusive